project berlin (부어크)

If there’s anything more decisive than a first impression, it’s a comeback. And after a long hiatus, it’s only right for you to get the best of the best from the 02fix-less days. With a dash of Christmas spirit, of course.


One skill I’ve developed as a food blogger is sniffing the hype straight out of an Instagram picture. With so many cafes in just Seoul alone, the bar is set high, and you need to be more than just a pretty face. You need to have a little somethin’ somethin’. A special X factor. And I could tell that this cafe that doesn’t even appear on Google/Naver maps had just that.

This humble, yet cozy abode is one’s studio where long-incubated ideas and dreams have turned into a reality. The owner is a food stylist that travels to different countries, learns the art of the local cuisine, and brings it back to Seoul with her. Right in her studio. Previous to this project, she traveled to France and turned this studio into a French restaurant. And now, if you haven’t noticed, she renewed the studio to make German cakes she learned back when she traveled to Berlin. If this isn’t life goals, I don’t know what is.

The name “부어크” plays on the word “부엌” in Korean, which means “kitchen.”


Also, let’s just also take a moment to appreciate the decor of this place *slow clap* The makeshift chairs and tables add a layer of hipster to the place, and the rustic and minimal style is definitely #roomgoalz.


Not knowing how long this project would go on or when we’d ever come back, we decided to try all the desserts. They only have three choices anyway, so we got the chocolate orange cake, the apple crumple, and the carrot cake. My personal favorite was the carrot cake topped with fresh cranberries and blueberries. The frosting’s texture is something between the usual thick cream cheese frosting and light whipped cream, which was perfect for me. I also liked that it was not too sweet or overloaded with walnuts.


The chocolate cake was closer to a chewy fudge than a soft, moist cake. The glazed orange slice helped give a fresh, zesty tang to the rich chocolate.


I know it can sometimes feel like you’re so extra when you whip out your phone, or worse… your DSLR, but this place actually encourages your social media addict side. After the owner completes her creation, she brings it out to the table and places it in the center for you to take as many pictures as you want. Test the lighting, switch the angles, and arrange your table decorations, because anybody can be a shameless food blogger here with no judgment at all.


The best thing about all three desserts was that it was not too sweet, but I think it would’ve been perfect if there was a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped on the apple crumble, mhmm. Also, I’m not a coffee snob so I can’t be the one to really say, but the vanilla lattes we got (both cold and hot) were delicious.




The studio is a permanent place, but the ideas are always clicking and shifting, and who knows when the owner may set off for her next destination, so I recommend you to check the place out as soon as possible! They also take reservations 3 days in advance for whole cakes if you need some birthday or Christmas cakes.

A few tips before you set off for your excursion:

  1. Timing is key – It opens at 1 P.M., but we went on a Friday afternoon by 12:30, wrote our names down as the last group on the wait list, and came back by 1 P.M. to be seated. You can write your name down along with your phone number, grab lunch, and expect to be seated in the next 2 hours. But I went again at around 3-4 P.M. last week and it was relatively empty, so I would recommend going a little later if you can’t make it when it opens.
  2. Get ready to get comfy with strangers – The studio’s space is limited, fitting about 10 people max. and there are only two large tables that you can sit around, so it’s definitely not a place to have a conversation about your crush or that embarrassing thing you did last week.
  3. Check the Instagram page beforehand – Business hours may change  depending on the owner’s schedule, so make sure to double check on Instagram  before!

Business Hours: Wed- Sun: 1 PM – 6PM

Address: 126-9, Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul


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