cafe b-hind

When I first learned about Cafe B-hind, I realized that I needed to be more aware of my surroundings. It was the all too familiar street that I passed through so many times, yet I was not even slightly aware of its existence. But with its seemingly intended ambiguous location, as if it doesn’t want to be conspicuously noticed by all, I guess the blame is not all on me.

The kiosque french toast is simply a must-get here. French toast has always been a lazy Sunday breakfast/brunch kind of food for me, but here at Cafe B-hind, it’s the real deal. The bread is so perfectly toasted on the outside that you’ll be surprised to find a moist texture awaiting you inside. It even gets better with the numerous choice of toppings that you have.



20151018_114035The atmosphere was so cozy and inviting, with a flair of creativity and strategic positioning of the furniture and seats. This place has got both the style and the taste down. Whether it’s for a study session or date with a friend, I am definitely going back for some of that delicious kiosque french toast. 20151018_11243020151018_11244020151018_11244920151018_11250620151018_11251320151018_11253220151018_11254520151018_11255320151018_112601

LOCATION: Mapo-gu, Seogyo-dong 404-26

BUSINESS HOURS: 11AM-11PM (Sundays 11Am-10PM)

PHONE: 02-3141-7212


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