ground h

I feel like my blog is quickly centering around Yeonnam-dong, but I can’t help it. It’s like every time I go, I find another “it” spot, and every wrong turn miraculously leads me to somewhere right. That neighborhood is like a maze to a directionally challenged person like me.

Ground H was one of those unexpected places I came across, which I shamefully have to admit, last fall. Talk about an overdue post. I was going to just dump this post because of the lack of timing, but I decided it couldn’t go unshared.

Ground H is a perfect brunch spot that serves everything from pancakes and sandwiches to salads and fresh pressed juices. Although we went in the evening for dinner, I highly recommend going early in the day. It has the perfect refreshing atmosphere of a brunch place, especially with its outdoor seating.


Pricey, but worthy, I love me self some good pressed juices. I bought a juicer last year, and I know the pain of juicing and the aftermath of washing the juicer, so I completely understand the high cost demanded. On the left is the Honey Blossom (7,500won) which consisted of grapefruit, orange, citron, and bee pollen. On the right is the Green Detox (7,500won) made of apple, lemon, kale, spinach, celery, wheatgrass, and cucumber. IMG_9596

I ordered a small Chipotle Shrimp Cobb salad (S size- 8,500won/L size- 13,500), which is really a rainbow fusion of everything healthy with a bit of cheat meal sides- just the way I like it. I never felt so satisfied eating a salad that was both appetizing and filling. The yellow sauce on the side is their miso lime dressing, which has a bit of tangy flavor. I thought it leaned more towards an orange-y taste than lime. IMG_9599

My friend ordered the Sun dried tomato pesto sandwich (9,500won). I loved how simple the tastes were: not too heavily overpowered by the sauce, but you could taste each ingredient distinctly from the mozzarella cheese to the amazing basil pesto. For sides, you can choose between a salad or an herb potato. IMG_9601IMG_9602

After going through the photos of the menu, I realized that only one shot was actually legible, and so for this year of 2016, I resolve to take better photos of the menu. IMG_9588



LOCATION: Mapo-gu, Yeonnam-dong 385-6


PHONE: 02-323-9997


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