I am horrible when it comes to making decisions. And when my friend took me to a cheesecake shop with 27 different flavors of cheesecake, I was overwhelmed, to say the least. I mean, how many flavors of cheesecake could one possibly need? Well, apparently 27.

KakaoTalk_20151229_234224655KakaoTalk_20151229_234225076KakaoTalk_20151229_234226067KakaoTalk_20151229_234226559KakaoTalk_20151229_234227027KakaoTalk_20151229_234227319KakaoTalk_20151229_234227872It took me about a good 15 minutes to peruse through my options, as I paced back and forth. We got the earl grey cheesecake, which is a regular cheesecake topped with an earl grey flavored cream and tea leaves. c27 is famous for its deep, rich taste of actual cheese used in the cheesecakes, but after trying it, I think I’ll just stick to my good ole’ Cheesecake Factory. KakaoTalk_20151229_234229468KakaoTalk_20151229_234229761

The interior design of this place is quite something, though. There are four floors and each floor is intricately decorated, so you should definitely explore the place as well as your cheesecake options. KakaoTalk_20151229_234229053KakaoTalk_20151229_234228527KakaoTalk_20151229_234228693

WEBSITE: http://www.c27.co.kr/

LOCATION: Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong 545-12


BUSINESS HOURS: 10 A.M.- 1 A.M. (Mon- Sat)/ 10 A.M. – 11 P.M. (Sun)

PHONE: 02-544-1527


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