mr. holmes bakehouse

Remember when the cronut fad was in and people had no idea what the heck a cronut (croissant + donut, duh) was but after trying it, they realized it was the most genius thing ever? Well, now, we have another version of that, but better. Say hello to the one and only cruffin (croissant+muffin) at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is originally a bakery in San Francisco, and it opened up its second store in Seoul, Korea! Of ALLLLL places. Yessss. And at Sinsa, one of my favorite places in the city. Double win.

It’s not just donuts and cruffins that they’ve got, but scones, cookies, and cakes as well – truly a fully stocked showcase of goodies. But we decided to go with the signature cruffins and brioche donuts. Cool story, though. My friend and I decided to meet at 1-ish at Sinsa. Little did we know that cruffins are baked and showcased at 1:30 P.M. everyday. So by the time we arrived, there was a reasonable line and fresh cruffins awaiting us. Also, cruffins are limited to 2 per person, and the brioche donuts come out at 10A.M., 3P.M., and 6 P.M. and are limited to 6 per person.

Another important thing to note: They are said to have over 200 flavors of cream fillings (yes, TWO HUNDRED) and the brioche donuts and cruffins have different fillings inside everyday. So how do you know what’s going to be the flavor the following day? Follow mrholmesbakehouse_kr on Instagram for their daily updates!


This Ferrero Rocher Choux Bomb (7,000won) was worth every won for me and is a MUST get. The creamy hazelnut filling between the crispy choux pastry finally topped with a chocolate nougat is perfection and isn’t as sweet as it looks or sounds.


For the donuts, we got the elderberry and vanilla cream brioche donuts. The vanilla cream one was an expected taste: tasty, but nothing out of the ordinary. Purple is my favorite color and this elderberry donut was definitely the better of the two.It was also definitely less sweeter than the vanilla cream.  I’ve never tried or heard of an elderberry before, but if it can taste this good, then I’m hoppin’ on the elderberry wagon.


You may be wondering where’s my solo shot of the signature cruffin that Mr. Holmes is actually known for? Well, let’s just say I was pretty disappointed in the flavor of the day – black sesame. Judging by the looks of the green cream, I was expecting something matcha-flavored. We didn’t even finish it, but I swear the no-photo-of-the-cruffin case wasn’t intentional.


Never in my life did I ever pay $5 for a drink of milk but after seeing that they offered milk, I decided that it would be a perfect match for my cruffins and donuts. And also because I was won over by the cute cup design.




To all my cruffin and donut lovin’ holmies, go make your way to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse to get your cruffins and your new Insta-worthy picture in front of the hip neon signs. I don’t think Koreans will get the weed reference that may be implied in this sign, but wave your deuces up in the air like you just don’t careee.



LOCATION: Gangnam-gu, Sinsadong 524-16

BUSINESS HOURS: Sun-Thurs 10AM- 10PM/Fri & Sat 10AM -11PM

PHONE: 02-547-2004


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