You can’t say you got the full experience in Korea without trying its street food. Rain, snow, or shine, these street vendors are faithfully standing in the middle of the roads even late into the dark night, and you can see people huddled under a small tent munching on Tteokbokki and steamy fish ball cakes on a stick.  Tank’s is just like that, just with a little more of a bougie edge in a bougie neighborhood at Apgujeong/Sinsa.

image (4)

I’m very particular with my Tteokbokki sauce, and Tank’s really hits the spot. As a lover of  Tank’s 국물 떡볶이 (3,800won), which is the more watery kind, this serves as a  perfect sauce to dip your fried shrimp or spam musubi in.

image (7)

The  fried shrimp (6,400won for 4 pieces/ 9,600won for 6 pieces) and the fried calamari tower pictured below (9,800won) is clothed with the crispiest layer of fried batter.  As you bite into the calamari and shrimp that is fifty shades of fried goodness, you will believe that the best things in life are deep-fried.

image (6)

image (8)

The spam musubi (4,600won for 2 pieces/ 6,900won for 3 pieces) will have you hooked with its spam dressed in crack teriyaki sauce. It’s pretty amazing how three simple ingredients – spam, rice, and dried seaweed could create such a wonder. It made me reminisce about the time when I lived in Kona for awhile and I would always grab a spam musubi at ABC Stores or Seven Eleven before hitting the beach.

image (10)

All in all, I am a hardcore fan of Tank’s. Some people may say that it’s pretty pricey considering it’s just simply street food material and snacks; however, I’m pretty convinced that the taste is that much worth it.

image (3)

For dessert, we headed over to Ben’s Cookies to get our perfect combo of ice cream and cookie. I love Ben’s Cookies because of its chewy texture and it was my first time getting a scoop of ice cream along with it, but both my friend and I couldn’t finish our bowl because it was way too sweet. After about 5 bites into the bowl, we abandoned our cookie and ice cream, leaving it melt into a pool of cookie ‘n cream and vanilla. So for those getting the combo…eat at your own risk.

image (1)

LOCATION: Gangnam-gu, Sinsadong 574-3 Shinwoon Building


12PM-9:30PM (Saturdays and Sundays)


PHONE: 02-545-2625


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