just dessert

The human body is truly a miracle when it comes to eating. No matter how much you swear that this is the last bite and that your stomach cannot bear to take in another spoon, somewhere in there is still an unfed, impoverished part of your soul- the dessert belly. I’m sure by this point, you’re nodding your head in agreement and saying “Yassss” in your head.  Dessert is a non-negotiable and the idea of a store that dedicates itself to solely dessert isn’t crazy, but genius. Sometimes, all we need is just..dessert.

This Milk Chocolate Earl Grey Eclair, comprised of three of my favorites– chocolate, earl grey, and vanilla ice cream–hit the trifecta for me. Soggy eclairs are a huge turn-off to me, but this eclair had the perfect level of crispiness. The creamy earl grey filling inside went hand in hand with the chocolate topping, and the vanilla ice cream was indeed the cherry on top.


I learned today that tiramisu literally means “pick me up” or “lift me up” in Italian. But I don’t know if I’d pick this tiramisu up the next time I visit. Personally, it was just meh for my taste. I’m not the biggest fan of tiramisu to begin with, so I might have been a little biased. It wasn’t horrible, but even my friends admitted that it was worth trying..once. Key word here: once.

KakaoTalk_20151006_135459767  KakaoTalk_20151006_135500908

And my personal favorite- the chocolate fondant. They definitely saved the best for the last and it made 10 minute wait all the more worth it. As soon as we shoveled our spoon into the warm fondant and struck gold in the molten middle, the chocolate started to ooze out. We had to just simply stare and appreciate this glory for a few seconds before devouring it.  The chocolate filling was also mixed with a few berries, as well as the ice cream, giving an overall perfect combination of fruity and chocolate-y.

Only a video could do this fondant justice, so a recording was necessary. Unfortunately, WordPress didn’t allow me to upload that big of a file here, but that gives more of a reason for you to go check out the video on my Instagram, 02fix, and of course, press that green “Follow” button while you’re at it.


LOCATION: Seodaemun-gu, Daehyundong 90-7


STORE HOURS: Monday-Saturday 12:30 PM- 10PM (Last order at 9PM)

PHONE NUMBER: 02-313-4368


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