melting monkey

As much as I love food, my patience wears thin when I have to wait for it. And during Korea’s summertime, waiting doesn’t even become an option- which is probably why I never got around to trying Melting Monkey’s infamous grilled cheese sandwich. I only say infamous because of the extravagant amount of cheese that serves as guilty pleasure, where the guilt might override the pleasure a bit more. Kyungridan’s Melting Monkey joint is popular, to say the least, that standing in line to cop one sandwich is a given. But as Melting Monkey decided to open up a new joint right in front of my very school, I have full access to it whenever I want. This could be very dangerous if not consumed in moderation…


After deciding to go with the Classic, the owner kindly let me know that it would take about a 6-minute wait to prepare the sandwich. I definitely enjoyed my wait with the fan blasting in my face and munching on the free bread samples.


And finally, the real deal came out. It’s pretty darn amazing how a simple ingredient, like cheese, could rock your world. What’s more, the onion, jalapeno, and bacon bits give it more of a fling with the crunchiness.

I never thought there could be such thing as “too much cheese” until I encountered this one. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, but by the time I went for my last bite, I realized the cheese and grease was a little too much for me. Definitely splitting this with a friend next time I go.





LOCATION: Coming out of Ewha Station Exit #2, walk straight and when you see Olive Young, turn left into the corner. Walk down and you will see Melting Monkey to your right, across from Joe’s Sandwich.



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