refresh 5.7

Someone once asked me, “With all that eating you do for your blog, when do you have time to lose weight?” Well… I don’t. Believe it or not, I haven’t even visited half of the places on my “food list” (yes, I have an actual physical list, don’t judge). But sometimes, less is more, and Refresh 5.7 will revamp your idea of bunny food and make it more than an enjoyable experience. KakaoTalk_20150619_213422960   This Sanchez  salad bowl is my favorite. Why? Well, because there’s meat in it! Call it cheating or whatever you want, but this Mexican salad bowl is like a rice-less, tortilla-less burrito bowl that still contains all the greens that I need, with a side of beef and two bonus nacho chips. Still counts as a healthy meal, right? KakaoTalk_20150619_213422129   Blended with red grapes, avocado slices, quinoa, dried banana chips, chia seeds, and a paste of basil pesto, the V.VIP salad is the powerhouse of superfoods. Definitely a different style from the Sanchez, but no doubt that this one’s a must-try as well. Not pictured in this post is the ricotta salad and seafood salad that I will go and try next time, along with the cold-pressed juices that they serve as well. All salad bowls are 8,500won each and Refresh 5.7 has another branch located in Gwanghwamun. KakaoTalk_20150619_213422370 KakaoTalk_20150619_213420387 KakaoTalk_20150619_213421528 LOCATION: Mapo-gu, Yunnam-dong 390-41) STORE HOURS: 11AM- 9:30PM


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