north shore

Korea’s dreaded monsoon season is in full swing and it definitely has a way of making every other place in the world more attractive. And at this point, Hawaii seems like a pretty good place to be. Palm trees and eighty degrees minus the humidity- I’ll take that. Makes me regret not having appreciated my days in Kona more. But my excursion to North Shore made up for this gloomy weather with some local-style Hawaiian grub.

This rubber ducky soda bowl caught our attention as we perused through the menu. Sometimes, it’s not about the taste, but the visuals. Because quite honestly, it tasted like cotton candy in slushy form, but it was definitely an addition that heightened our virtual getaway to Hawaii. We ordered the small size (13,000won) which supposedly was for 2 people, but the three of us could finish it even halfway.

20150605_114534-2 20150605_114542-2

Hawaiian avocado burger (16,000won)- Labeled on the menu as “best of the best”, the grilled pineapple slice is the climax of this burger, and this one embodies the perfect amount of sweet and salty and of course, juicy.


The beef chili burger (15,500won)


And of course, we can’t forget about the Loco Moco when we’re talking about Hawaiian food here. Simply put, all Loco Moco really is is a big meat patty floating in brown gravy with rice, with a sunny side up egg on top. Originally 16,500won we got the Original Loco Moco for only 11,500won due to the lunch special.

All in all, I loved the whole idea of a Hawaii-themed restaurant, which is becoming more common to see around the Hongdae area, like Bonjour Hawaii and Aloha Table. Take your mini getaway to Hawaii, aloha!

20150605_115001-2 20150605_115015-2


20150605_114605-2 20150605_115148-2   20150605_124820-2 20150605_125014-2 20150605_125039-2 20150605_125240-2

For dessert, we went to Penguin Macaron to grab some ice cream macarons across the street from 상상마당.

20150605_130543-2 20150605_130836-2

LOCATION: Mapo-gu, Seogyo-dong 395-124

Coming out of Hapjeong Station exit #3 and keep walking straight until you hit Hotel Designers. There will be two roads diverging, take the first street into the right and you will see North Shore to your left.



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