soi 연남

You’ve probably heard of TukTuk, one of the best Thai places around the city, but how about its sister brand Soi? I was impressed with TukTuk, so I had high expectations when I went to Soi, and this place went above and beyond what I expected.

Let’s start with the Thai beef noodle soup that just hit the spot for me. No need for some chicken soup, this was some amazing Thai noodle soup for my hungry soul. Also, the beef was so tender, as if it was melting in my mouth. Seriously, this soup is everything.




And to complete your meal, you need to get these deep fried egg rolls because they are a non-negotiable. Crispy on the outside and loaded with shrimp, veggies, and all sorts of goodness on the inside, it embodies perfection. If you look closely, you can tell that that the egg rolls are divided in half. We all do that thing where we leave that last piece of food awkwardly chilling on the plate out of courtesy for the other partner, while your partner is doing the exact same thing, and so eventually it gets all cold and soggy, and someone finally makes a grab for it. Definitely speaking from experience, can you tell? But at Soi, you will never have to encounter such a scenario again. They divvy it up fair and square, and I dig that. Alot.









We passed by Godiva on our way to Hongdae and could not resist the temptation to go and try out these chocolate ice cream cones. Delicious, but have a cup of water ready afterwards, because this deep richness of chocolate will overwhelm your palate.



Mapo-gu, Yunnamdong 229-67


12PM- 10:30PM (Last order- 9:30PM)



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