devil’s door

Here’s a confession I’ve gotta make: this post was supposed to be published about two months ago, but my procrastinating tendencies really got the worst of me recently. I think I’ve hit a new low. What’s worse is I’ve got about 5 more posts waiting in line to make their debut, but I’ve set myself a strict deadline, so get ready for the influx of posts.

Devil’s Door is known for its craft beer, and as soon as you enter, you can see massive brewers to your right. It’d be a shame if I came all the way here without even trying their beers, right? I ordered the Pale Ale, which had a citrus, grapefruit-y edge to it, while my friend got the Devil’s Stout which was more rich and had a deep chocolate pizzazz to it. I’m no beer critic, I just go for what tastes good, and you can never really go wrong with a simple Pale Ale. You can also order the beer in a small tasting glass to try different flavors.


And also, how CUTE is this beer coaster? Its sass and wit is not afraid to let you know that  I would not like my beer to be touched in any way when I need to go pee, thank you very much. It’s a coaster with a personality.


This spinach & poached egg pizza (15,000won) was creamy with a mozzarella taste to finish it off. I found the spinach to be a bit salty.


We also got the Devil’s Ultimate Burger (13,000won) which was shamelessly clothed with some skinny ass fries. I’m assuming their Buttermilk Chicken is a hit menu, because nearly everyone ordered this item, and we all know that chicken and beer makes quite the dynamic duo.



To be completely frank, I think more than the food, it is really the interior design of the whole place that makes it worthwhile to go.  My taste buds weren’t nearly as excited by the food as my eyes were by speculating the hip European gastropub design atmosphere around me. Too bad I took the wrong camera lenses this day and could not get a good shot to embody this place. I say, it’s all the more reason for you to go and check it out for yourself. Try to aim to get there early, especially on a weekend because it gets packed very quickly.



LOCATION: Seocho-gu, Sapyeong-daero 205 BP4-7

Coming out Express Bus Terminal Station Exit #3, keep walking straight for about 10 minutes, passing a drug store, and you will see Devil’s Door.


Sunday- Thursday 11:30AM- 12AM

Friday-Saturday 11:30AM- 1AM


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