vanilla kitchen

If you’re living in Seoul, one thing you have to get used to is walking. Seoul is small, yet so big at the same time, and it requires you to get off your lazy butt and start movin’, instead of relying on a car to drive you around. But the perks of walking is that you come across hidden, low-key hot spots in different areas. And on this day, I happened to stumble across Martha Stewart’s replica home in Yunnamdong.

I heard reviews on the delicious S’mores cake at Vanilla Kitchen and was so excited to try it, but my excitement was met to no avail, as they did not bake any that day 😦 But I went for the red velvet and I can safely say that it made up for the big previous letdown. Also, although it may be quite pricey for just a piece of cake, the slices are pretty big. Same goes for the drinks as well. I ordered the honey milk tea and got almost a pitcher with ice bergs floating atop. 

KakaoTalk_20150625_010119075 KakaoTalk_20150625_010119757 KakaoTalk_20150625_010120654 KakaoTalk_20150625_010120735 KakaoTalk_20150625_010120955 KakaoTalk_20150625_010121040 KakaoTalk_20150625_010121263 KakaoTalk_20150625_010121585 KakaoTalk_20150625_010135222


If you’re looking for a good kick that will satisfy your sweet tooth, Vanilla Kitchen’s showcase of goodies is stocked up and ready to offer.

KakaoTalk_20150625_010135670 KakaoTalk_20150625_010135856

LOCATION: Mapo-gu, Yunnamdong Donggyo-ro, 266-7  (Yunnamdong 228-7)

I wish I could write out the directions like I usually do, but I just randomly stumbled across the place.

STORE HOURS: 1PM-10PM (Closed on Mondays)


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