donut guys

I don’t know if you stepped outside the house today, but if you haven’t lemme do you a favor and let you simply know, 95 degrees. Alas, Korea’s summer is here and is unapologetic about its cruel weather and the humidity it brings with every year. And really, donuts would probably be the last thing you want, but trust me, this place is quite something.

While scrolling through the Instagram feed of my friends in the states, I’ve often come across snaps of donuts with bacon bits, cereal, and seriously everything sweet you could think of get thrown on top of that dough. But I never imagined that I’d find something like that here in Korea. After conversing with the owner, who was super friendly, he admitted that he was inspired by exactly that donut trend in the States and wanted to bring it to Korea. It’s only been a month since it opened, so it’s still fairly new and in its early stages, but once it’s name is out there more, I’m sure people will flock to this place.

IMG_7691 IMG_7692 IMG_7696 IMG_7701 IMG_7704

Originally a strawberry shortcake donut, it has now been dubbed a new name and given a new look as a raspberry shortcake, as the owner explained that strawberries are not lookin’ quite so fresh these days. I honestly think the raspberry is a much better option, and they should stick with it. Not too sweet, the fresh berries and the cream cheese frosting meshed well together and would make a perfect dessert or breakfast. One thing that stood out the us was the chewiness of the donut, which we absolutely loved.


Sweet Monkey- A perfect grab and go breakfast food, the crunchiness of the caramel crackers and pecan bits complement the banana. And to finalize it, you can’t forget about that caramel drizzle.


Named “Heaven’s Door” and rightfully so, this one swept us off our feet. Each bite ministered to our soul, and as my friend put it, “I met Jesus while eating this.” It has the perfect combination of sweet and salty, and the tender fried chicken just nails it. Really, this one’s an absolute MUST.


Dirty B&J- I guess the best way to put it is that it’s a simpler version of Heaven’s Door. It was undoubtedly good, but it’s got nothing on Heaven’s Door. Try it for yourself. You’ll know what I mean.

IMG_7711 IMG_7714 IMG_7717

And do(nut) worry if you can’t finish it, because they’ll gladly give you a take-away box. I just had to throw in a wordplay there. Next time you’re at Hongdae, make your way towards Donut Guys and show some love!


LOCATION: Mapo-gu, Seogyo-dong 340-6

Coming out of Hongdae Stn. exit 9, walk left inside the street until you reach Coffee Bean. From there, turn left and walk until you see Churro 101 to your right. Walk straight up the long road and when you hit Seven Eleven, look to your right and you will see Donut Guys.



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