common ground


After living in Seoul for about 4 years, I’d say I’ve pretty much hit up all the hot spots in the city. But when I heard about a new shopping mall complex made of shipping containers in Konkuk University that was poppin’, I knew I had to get with the program and go check it out.

As soon as I stepped outta exit #6, I observed my surroundings and thought, “Dang, this place be mad ghetto.” But little did I know that smack in the middle of this ghetto-ness is Hipster Central. Common Ground is comprised of so many shops that hold clothing, accessories, artwork, and home decorations that are personally designed by young, aspiring artists. Creativity was oozing out everywhere I looked and entered.





The outside food truck market was perfect for our outing- 30 degrees with a little bit of breeze. There were four different trucks that surrounded a blue container centerpiece and we decided to go for some Korean-Mexican fusion at Kimchi Bus. The fries were definitely the best part with the massive amount of shavings of grated cheese.








As amazing as it was when we went during the daytime, I feel like there’d be a different feel to it at night with all the outdoor Christmas lights lit up. Whether you go with friends, family, or a lover, Common Ground should definitely be a place to include in your summer checklist.


LOCATION: If you come out of Konkuk University Station Exit #6 and walk straight you will see the big blue containers.


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