dore dore

For all those with a sweet tooth out there, this one’s for you.

This “Oh My God” cake (yes, that is its actual name) embodies its name so so well, and my eyes were fixed on this bad boy as soon as I stepped inside the shop. I don’t know if the chocolate overload is just pure genius or pure cruelty to my body. I’d say… probably both. I mean, who thinks of layering chocolate frosting between chocolate cake, sprinkling M&Ms all over it, and  as if that wasn’t enough, creates a fort around the cake with Kit-Kats?




Dore Dore has been a famous dessert spot for many and has recently even launched a brunch restaurant called “The Dishroom” that follows a “superfood” concept. Although I had my “Oh My God” indulgence at the Dore Dore at Common Ground, I first went to the Dore Dore at Sinsa last year and tried the banana cake and the rainbow cake with my friend. To give a completely honest review about Dore Dore, I would say that the taste is average, but it’s the creative, unique aspect that attracts many. I mean, it’s not like everyday that you get to eat rainbow cake as big as your face and cake showered with M&Ms and Kitkats. So, if you’re going for quality cake, I wouldn’t recommend Dore Dore to be the go-to spot. It’s about 10,000won for a piece of cake. Pretty pricey, yes, but the portions are huge, so it makes up for it.

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LOCATION: (Sinsa branch) Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong 544-4

It is located in the backstreets of Garosugil, and if you go to the road behind Smoothie King out on the main road, you will be able to see Dore Dore in white across an ash grey backdrop. 

STORE HOURS: Monday- Thursday 10AM- 11PM, Friday & Saturday 10AM-12AM,


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