cafe mamas

I’ve recently realized that Itaewon has been my number go-to spot for food and hang-outs. But I wanted to try a little something new and show my exchange friends a part of Seoul they haven’t explored yet, so our destination for that day was Apgujeong Rodeo Drive, or you can say, Posh Street. After graduating from high school, I rarely went to this area, and I was literally walking down memory lane as I was passing by the cafes and stores that I once used to chill at with friends for our rendezvous.

Following lots of window shopping and power walking, we came to Galleria Gourmet 494 Food Court and decided to go for some Cafe Mamas. Cafe Mamas is best known for its praised ricotta cheese salad, and when you try it you’ll know without a doubt why. Their portions are also very generous, so if you’re not a big eater, it would be better to split it with a friend. You can also get it to go if you’d like. Perfect for a quick lunch to pack, I’d say.


This turkey sandwich is also one of my favorites. The deep ash color of the bread bun is due to the squid ink that they use. There are only about 4 ingredients that they use to make this sandwich, but I think it’s that simplicity which makes the sandwich- not too little or too much, but just right.


And of course, you can’t forget about their signature green grape juice. I got the green grape kale juice to feel extra healthy. Adding on as many greens as I can possibly get, mmhmm.

Until I came across Cafe Mamas, I never realized how good ricotta cheese and salad could mesh so well together. Hopefully, I can get my hands on some fresh ricotta cheese to make my own customized salad at home.


LOCATION:  We went to the one at Galleria Gourmet 494 at Apgujeong, which is directly linked to the Apgujeong Rodeo Station on the Bundang line. But there are so many more locations, such as Gwanghwamun, Coex, Garosugil (You can check it out


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