sushi town

If you were asked the question, “What food would you choose if that was the only thing you could eat for the rest of your life?” I know I’d answer “Rolls/sushi” within a heartbeat. Japanese food is absolutely my favorite, although the irony is that rolls aren’t even traditionally Japanese, but pretty much the same thing, right?

After a long walk of getting lost and turning to Naver Map to be our reliable source of direction, we finally found our way to Sushi Town. We were famished by the time we arrived, and ordered 4 different rolls. And one by one, our dishes started rolling in, no pun intended.

Fantastic Roll– Following after its name, this roll was indeed fantastic and probably our favorite. The shower of crunchy fried tempura flakes on top of the spicy tuna and roll of avocado and shrimp tempura will create a party in your mouth. This one’s a winner and absolutely a must-try.


Dragon Roll– Unagi dressed in teriyaki sauce is absolutely my favorite and a must whenever I eat Japanese, whether it be in the form of rolls or donburi. This was our probably our second favorite. But seriously, the avocado is just ripe to the perffffect mouth-watering degree. Ugh, I am getting so hungry again at this time of the night as I look at these photos again.


Dynamite Roll– Amazing taste, yet the biggest ordeal to fit that piece of roll into my mouth. It is delicious, but just be ready to get messy when you encounter this one.


Alaska Roll– They say less is more, and this Alaska Roll follows that rule. Slightly different from the rest of the dishes as the simplest of ’em all, if you want a more minimal taste, this is your go-to choice.






Overall, I would give Sushi Town a 10/10. Amazing taste and price- it is seriously worth the trek and you won’t regret it.1430201334286

LOCATION: Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong 628-23 Sochon Building 3rd floor

Coming out of Sinsa station exit #8, walk straight for about a good 15-20 minutes until you get to the Dosan Park intersection. Turn left at a Mercedes-Benz and keep going up. You will see Sushi Town on the 3rd floor in red letters.

STORE HOURS: 11AM-11PM (11:30- 10PM Sundays)

PHONE: 02-541-5410


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