we saladu

Recently, I started Kayla Itsines’ bikini body training guide, and lemme tell you that thing is INTENSE. I’ve completed Insanity before, so I went into this program totally underestimating it, but Kayla kicked my butt from Day 1. Anyway, all this to say that along with my new workout plan, I decided that I needed to develop a healthy meal plan as well and consume more greens.

We Salad U is a relatively new salad store that opened up in front of my school, and I’ve been going for three days in a row already. What stood out to me was how fresh and crisp the kale leaves were, with its deep green tint. We ordered the Ricotta SaladU Set and the Chicky SaladU Set. Although the salad bowl is pretty small in size, the dough that they provide with your salad accommodates for it. You can choose either between parsley or garlic dough, and I like the unique take they took rather than serving slices of bread you usually get.







The Solomon SaladU Set


You could call it a replication of the Cafe Mamas green grape juice, but this juice was so refreshing and almost as good!





Kayla’s fitness guide: check, amazing salad place to help me eat clean: check. Summer bikini body, here we goooooo.


LOCATION: Coming out from Ewha main gate, turn right and walk down the road. When you see A.H.C., a skin store decked out in silver, go inside the alleyway and you will see We Salad U in all blue.



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