cafe ceci cela


Usually, dessert comes after the main meal. But when you’re a foodie, it doesn’t matter about the order, as long as it gets in your belly. And this day was that kind of day where we decided to get some fix of sugar at Ceci Cela before we grabbed lunch.  Our choice of menu was the Nutella Crepe Cake (8800won), which was a new menu and were not disappointed. I’m not usually a big fan of crepe cakes, as they just look like flattened out pancakes stacked on each other with nothing special to it, but this cake proved me wrong. The nutella didn’t overpower the crepe taste, and it was the perfect level of sweet.



And of course, the oh-so-famous Ceci Cela signature carrot cake (also 8800won, which I call crack cake, and for a very good reason too). I would say that this is hands down the best carrot cake I’ve tried so far in Seoul. To start off, the texture of the cake has the right degree of moisture. The cinnamon and nutmeg zest also gives it a rich, deep flavor. And I definitely cannot forget about the frosting. I honestly think frosting is sometimes so underrated, but it’s what completes the cake. Seriously, this cake is dangerous. I guarantee that it will have you hooked.



Everything about this day was just so perfect as we dug our forks into our cakes, sipping on warm coffee (my friends, of course not me), and enjoyed the cool breeze floating in through the curtains. We will definitely be back here again, and hopefully to be greeted with some open seats outside.


LOCATION: Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong 651-4 Sangkyung Building 1st floor

It is located behind CGV Cine City. When you come into one of the alleyways and you see  Le Cafe, it will be the small cafe next door painted in light blue.




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