linus’ bbq

Linus’ Barbecue has been the talk of the town for quite awhile now. Although I visited this place last year, with all the raving and commending people have been giving the hot BBQ place, I decided to dig up the photos and post it on the blog.

20141025_122425 (1)

Because these were taken awhile back, the menu might’ve changed a tiny bit since then, just FYI.



We ordered two of the Twos Platter. You can choose 3 out of 6 from the side menu and we got coleslaw, french fries, mashed potato with gravy, and a potato salad. Although my mouth was watering and my stomach rumbling by just looking at this amazing-ness, I still needed to take that shot despite my dad and brother’s hangry eyes on me. Everything about this platter was so good- the meat was tender and cooked to the right degree, the side dishes were on point.





I went when it was still fairly new last year, but now, it’s pretty much impossible to go without waiting in line, so I’d recommend you to get there early and grab your spot! They take reservations on weekdays if there are at least 8 people, and no reservations are taken on weekends.

LOCATION: Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-dong 56-20

It is located right behind McDonald’s, but I don’t know why I struggled to find the place, so I had to ask random people when I got near there.

STORE HOURS: 12PM-3PM, with break time and 5:30PM-10PM  on weekdays and same on weekends except it starts from 5PM instead of 5:30.



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