paco loco

Unlike last semester where I had my Fridays off and enjoyed a glorious 3-day weekend, this year, unfortunately, the odds were not in my favor during class registration period and so my “free day” happened to fall on a Tuesday. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement, but now, I see that it’s not all too bad, since I get to spend quality time and have food adventures with people who also coincidentally have their Tuesdays off.

Paco Loco is a Mexican restaurant located in the Noksapyeong area. I was planning to check out this place with my friends a while back, but we happened to go on a Monday, which is when the store is closed. So take note, people- do not go on a Monday with your friends with an empty stomach, saving your appetite for some good ol’ Mexican and get hangry with each other, because it will turn out ugly. Speaking from experience here.

We ordered pork and shrimp tacos and a chorizo burrito. I loved everything about this taco except the tortilla. I appreciated the authentic corn flour taste it had, but the texture, not so much. Before I knew it, my taco turned into some salad and it was pretty much impossible to eat it without a fork and spoon. The struggle of eating this taco was maaad real.



I don’t know it if was due to the fact that the process of eating the burrito wasn’t half as messy as of the taco, but I really enjoyed the burrito and would recommend it.



Overall, I enjoyed Paco Loco and it was good to have Mexican that wasn’t fused with Korean dishes for once. Also, the price was pretty decent too- around 6000- 10,000won for tacos (depending on if you get 2 or 3), and 10,000won for a burrito. If you’re craving some Mexican next time you’re at Noksapyeong, I would recommend this place!

And of course, I cannot just go to itaewon without dropping by PLANT. Their new gluten-free berry vanilla cake is definitely one of my favorites now. KakaoTalk_20150331_145301683

PACO LOCO LOCATION: 713 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Coming out of Noksapyeong Stn. Exit #2, keep going straight down the road and under the tunnel to the other side of the road. Keep walking until you pass IBK Bank and you will see Paco Loco on the right on a bright yellow signboard.

STORE HOURS: 12PM-10PM (Closed every Monday)


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