greek on the grill

Every time I go to PLANT, my all-time favorite vegan restaurant/cafe in the city, I always get a whiff of grilled lamb, flowing out from a small store all decked out in royal blue.I always wanted to try Greek on the Grill at Hongdae, but I was sad to find out that it stopped running its business last year 😦 But of course, Itaewon never lets me down.

It was a pretty gloomy Monday afternoon and not many people were out and about, but the up side to it was that there were seats available in the tight space that the place already is.

My friend ordered the lamb souvlaki pita which consisted tomatoes, onions, lettuce, lamb meat drizzled with a traditional Tzatziki sauce, which is made from yogurt mixed with cucumbers, olive oil, parsley. Merci to Alex for cooperating with me and holding up his pita for the camera even though he was staaarving. 20150406_123028

I ordered the Souvlaki Box Set, which included a fresh Greek salad, lamb and pork souvlaki (You can choose two among lamb, pork, and  between lamb, pork, or chicken), and some Tzatziki sauce on the side. Basically, it’s a DIY Souvlaki Pita set.


Hopefully one day I’ll get the real deal in Greece, having my souvlaki on the rooftops of Santorini overlooking the glistening ocean, but for now, here’s the first of many explorations of finding Greek restaurants in the city.


LOCATION:  Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-dong 64-67 Coming out of Itaewon Stn. Exit #4, walk straight until you reach Sneak Soul. Go down the stairs and you will see Greek on the Grill right in front of you.

STORE HOURS: 11AM – 10PM (closes at 9 PM on Sundays, Break time 4PM-4:30PM)


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