pho 36 st.

After entering the school semester, I have barely found the time to go out on a foodie excursion. But that doesn’t mean I can’t post about what I eat on a daily basis at school. In fact, some people have asked me to blog about more places near the Sinchon/Edae vicinity that are cheaper. So,  school food, here we go. On a side note, I realized that I left my camera charger in Spain boooo 😦 So until I buy a new one, which is sooner or later, my friend’s iPhone will have to suffice.

It’s not easy to get good pho in Korea, and I’d say I’m pretty blessed to have an amazing pho place right in front of school. It’s like a daily meal I forget how good it is until I taste pho from like Pho Bay or Hoabin.



You can also get unlimited cilantro, sprouts, onions.


LOCATION: Seodaemun-gu, Daehyundong 60-7

Coming out of Edae station exit #3, walk straight towards the school and when you see C’lucy cafe, turn left and you will see Pho 36 st. right next to Caribou Coffee.

STORE HOURS: 7AM-10 PM (weekdays), 11AM- 10 PM (weekends)


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