gilujine cuisine

Edae is always busy, bustling with tourists and students at every corner you turn, and I love all that energy. But sometimes, I just want to enjoy a nice meal close to school but remote from the all the daily buzz.  And I happened to come across a perfect small brunch place tucked away in the back streets of Edae. I have been very selective about who I take to this secret spot in the past, but now it’s time to share the goods.


The owner runs the place by herself and everything is homemade from the dishes to the cakes. I love the cozy feel it has to the place.

DSC_1280-3 DSC_1282-3 DSC_1286-3

The pictures below were taken with my iphone a long time ago when I first discovered this place during freshman year, hence the horrible quality.


Berry ricotta cheese french toast- absolutely divine. The price range for a dish is about 10,000 won- 15,000 won.


LOCATION: Seodaemun-gu, Daehyundong 37-62

If you are coming from Edae exit #2, walk straight towards Ewha and turn left from Olive Young into the alleyway where Noodle Box is located and keep going down. Look up for a sign that says Gilujine Cuisine and turn left into the small corner.



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