When it comes to sushi or rolls, I believe less is more. I have had both the best and worst experiences, the worst consisting of something like my rolls being smothered in mayonnaise, onions, or even sprinkles. Yes, sprinkles. But I found a decent place near my school, so if you’re around the Sinchon/Edae area, give it a try!

I ordered the caterpillar roll, and you can tell by the picture that the name is fitting. But really, how cute are those “ears” aka sprouts?! I really appreciated how the avocado on top was also ripe to the right degree. Inside the roll, there was fried shrimp and crab, and the Teriyaki sauce glazed over the dish served as an excellent sauce.



My friend ordered the rainbow roll, and I liked how there was a salad that came along with it. Each roll was a different flavor and was topped off with different Sashimi slices. If you want to go for a light, healthier taste without anything fried, I would recommend this.


As if two plates weren’t enough, we decided to order one more- the Dragon roll.This tasted very similar to my caterpillar roll that I ordered.


I usually don’t eat side dishes that are served in restaurants, but my friend and I destroyed these marinated cucumbers and peppers that we asked for FOUR refills. #noshame Seriously, go try it. You’ll find your chopsticks reaching for this goodness unconsciously.


The general price for a roll was about 10,000-13,000 won. they also had udon noodles, salad, and fried food as well.


LOCATION: Seodaemun-gu Changchundong 13-4 (2nd floor, located right next to the Hello Kitty cafe in Sinchon when you turn into the alleyway after Baskin Robbins)




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