vatos urban tacos

Anyone who’s been in Seoul for awhile has most likely tried or heard of Vatos.  If you felt like this is nothing like the Mexican you had back in Cali or Texas, then you’re probably right. The whole Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine is the culture of Vatos, and it works. From native Koreans to Korean Diasporas and foreigners, Vatos has gained considerable recognition in the city.

Kimchi carnitas fries (12,500 won)– Okayyou can’t come to Vatos and NOT try their original dish, Kimchi fries. I know what you might be thinking. EW, kimchi with french fries? Trust me, when I first heard of kimchi fries, I was grossed out by it too. But after skeptically tasting one, I was won over. If any dish screams mexican-korean fusion, it’s this one and the combination is genius.

DSC_5716  DSC_5718

Chili lime shrimp tacos (2 tacos 6,900 won/ 3 tacos 12,900 won)


Honey tequila chicken wings with blue cheese dipping sauce (12,900 won)-  Even though Vatos is famous for its tacos and burritos, I think my personal fave is these wings. I am absolutely hooked on this honey tequila sauce.


Spicy chicken quesadillas (10,900 won)- I personally don’t like quesadillas, so Vatos or wherever, I will not give you a good review on quesadillas. Period.


And of course, you can’t forget about the Nutella Nachos at Vatos (7,900 won). It screams diabetes and calories, but you cannot help but indulge in this vanilla ice cream, powdered sugar, and Nutella on a bed of crispy tortilla chips smothered in sugar and cinnamon.


Depending on which vatos branch you want to eat at, you can find more information on their website below.

For dessert (as if nutella nachos weren’t enough), we went to pumpkin terrier cake shop, a cafe in the back streets of garosu-gil. I stood in front of this view for a good 10 minutes trying to pick a cake and ended up going for the early grey cake, since I never tried one before.


As horrible as it might sound, it tasted like dog food.. maybe it was because I was looking at a picture of a dog as I was eating the cake, but let me just tell you, it tasted funky.  I thought it was my taste buds that were jacked up, but I have someone who can bear witness. But the other cakes looked delish and this place is relatively popular. I KNEW I should have gotten the red velvet or the nutella banana cake. So much for attempting to try a new flavor. But i would recommend this cafe, just steer clear of the dog foo- I mean, earl grey cake.



LOCATION: Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong 545-8

It is located behind the main street of Garosu, behind Smoothie King and Lacoste. If you know where Dore Dore, the famous cake shop is, it is located right across from it.

STORE HOURS: 11 AM- 11PM (Mon-Sat), 11AM- 10PM (Sun)


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