noksapyeong shenanigans

Gyungridan street is one of the hot spots for foodies in Seoul. The street is just filled with petite restaurants and cafes that are unique to the city and I love how chill it is, especially in the summer with the outdoor patios where you can just eat and have a drink with friends.

Standing Coffee– I personally think their lemonade is the best lemonade in town! Most lemonade drinks I find in korea are watered down by sprite, but this is 100% freshly squeezed lemonade (5000won for a cup). I never tried their coffee, so I can’t be the one to judge, but I’d assume that it has the word ‘coffee’ in their name for a reason. They also have a branch store located in hongdae.



Porchetta– This place is famous for its sandwiches, but I forgot to take a picture of it, oops. Or maybe it was because I didn’t enjoy it so I didn’t even bother taking out my camera. haha. The bread was way too hard for me and there wasn’t anything particularly special about the sandwich. We also got the the ice cream cookie but this was also, meh. It’s located at  Gyungridan street (경리단길) near Monster Cupcake.


PHONE: 02-797-8808


Trevia Pizza– I love love love pizza. Funny, because I used to hate pizza after moving to Korea in high school, but I think it’s because I had a bad experience with all the sweet corn, sweet potato, and pretty much anything they throw on that pizza dough. But now, all that cheese and grease gets me excited. Unlike american pizzas, Trevia Pizza is an Italian pizzeria and the pizzas are thin and cooked in a wood fired oven. The best part about trevia is how I can try different flavors because of the small pieces instead of having just one big fat pizza of one kind. Each slice is about 5000-6000 won and the bolognese lasagna is 13,000 won, which I highly recommend if you’re an avid cheese lover like me. There’s another branch located near the Hannam/Itaewon area.



DSC_0251 DSC_0263-2 DSC_0265-2

It’s always been tricky for me to get to Noksapyeong whenever I rode the subway there. It’s not like Itaewon, where you come out of the exit and the main area is right in front of you, but you have to walk your way over and go under another underground tunnel because there is no crosswalk. I think the best way is to come out of Noksapyeong exit 2 and go down along the street and go into the underground tunnel. If you’re in the Itaewon area already, then you can just walk down, heading towards the direction where Vatos, NIKE, and coffee smith is and turn right.


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