ma creme

Summer, winter, spring or fall, ice cream is always a good idea. And even a better idea if you can customize your ice cream! Ma Creme was featured in a korean TV program, Tasty Road, and has attracted a lot of korean customers because of its unique and simply fun way of eating ice cream.

First off, you start by choosing an ice cream among the 3 flavors of chocolate, green tea or milk and then place your order at the counter. Now here comes the hard part- choosing the toppings. Out of alllll those choices you see below, you have to narrow it down to just three. That’s a lot of commitment one’s gotta make for one ice cream bar, so if you’re incapable of making decisions like me, it WILL be stressful. OR you can just go crazy and add on all the toppings you want, paying 300 won per topping. And the final touch to the ice cream bar is the drizzle and you can choose two out of 5 or pay 300 won per extra drizzle (honey, belgian dark chocolate, raspberry sauce, caramel sauce, white belgian chocolate).


Oh man, look at that ice cream getting bathed in chocolate. Mmhmmmm.



A closer look inside the milk bar coated with chocolate and topped with chia seeds, dried raspberry bits, and I forget.


Green tea bar dipped in chocolate, topped with blueberries, dried raspberry, cacao nibs.


Chocolate bar coated with white chocolate, topped with blueberries, dried cranberries and strawberries.



It’s 4900 won per ice cream bar, which I think is pretty reasonable. Instead of your same old same Basking Robbins, go out and try something fun with your ice cream!

LOCATION: 서울 마포구 서교동 408-13 Mapo-gu, Seogyodong 408-13

cross the road from 상상마당 at hongdae, and stay on the side of the convenience store, passing by dr. martens and 조폭 떡볶이. go down a little further and you will see macreme to your left.


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