cafe flamingo c

As much as I love checking out new restaurants, I also love exploring new cafes. Although this cafe was not one of the places I was dying to visit, I happened to come across it and fancied it during one of my regular museum+food+more food dates at Samchungdong.

To satisfy my sweet tooth craving after dinner, I ordered both the chocolate caramel mocha cake and banana nutella cake, and it was sooo good, especially the banana nutella cake. I thought the caramel mocha cake was alright, BUT I might just be being biased because I don’t like coffee. Yes, you read that correctly. Never really got the taste of coffee.

DSC_4712 DSC_4709

I loved the tropical jungle leaves meshing well with the light pastel pink backdrop.

DSC_4706 DSC_4702 DSC_4701 DSC_4699 DSC_4698 DSC_4697


LOCATION: 서울 종로구 소격동 125, Jongno-gu, Sogyeok-dong 125

And of course, you can’t forget about the amazing street food in Samchungdong. This skewered chicken place is probably the most famous out of all the ones in Samchungdong (called 샛별당).



Aaaaand, the main event for our meet-up this day, but secondary when it comes to food, because priorities.  From time to time I go to to the national museum of modern and contemporary art, otherwise known as MMCA. I’m a total ditz when it comes to art, neither am I half as excited to see artwork as I am when i see food, but it’s definitely refreshing to do something out of the ordinary.  Cafe flamingo c is also located right in front of mmca where o sulloc green tea house is, on the main street.

What’s more, they allow free admission for students (just show them your student ID), so I figured i’d take advantage of my benefits as a college kid. This exhibition (MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2014: Lee Bul) is until March 1, so if you’re around the samchungdong/kyungbuk palace area, or you just want to channel out your inner creative side, go check it out!



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