cafe able

Having breakfast or lunch is great and all, but I’ve always been more of a brunch person, especially with good company. I remember trying cafe able’s berry berry toast a long time ago and I fell in love with it, and recently I re-visited this place to share with you guys. This french toast is the real deal and it’s as good as it looks. I love the generous amount of fruit they serve (15,000won for the Very Berry Toast).DSC_4748 DSC_4752This omelette frittata (15,000won) was also pretty good, but a little too heavy with the cheese and sour cream. DSC_4754 The steak cream pasta (19,000 won)  was not as great as it sounded. I found it way too heavy and the steak tasted slightly burnt. Now as i look at it, it even LOOKS burnt. DSC_4755They also sold baked goods, fruit jams and had their fruit tea in mason jars on display. DSC_4758 DSC_4759 DSC_4761

LOCATION: Gangnamgu, Sinsa-dong 547-6, 2nd floor

Behind Forever 21 on garosu street near 신사동주민센터

STORE HOURS: Mon- Sat 10AM- 11PM, Sun 10AM-10PM

PHONE: 02-3445-7335


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