bad farmers

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to make eating clean a regular habit. And so for one of my first posts, I figured I’d ride on my “new year, new me” resolution.

Located in the back streets of Garosugil, “Bad Farmers” is a relatively new restaurant. Honestly, I have never felt like such a hipster while eating a salad. Just look at that packaging.


I normally don’t get excited about eating bunny food, but this salad was on point and surprisingly, pretty filling as well. It may have been due to the accompaniment of the beetroot juice I had. I got the avo cobb salad (avocado, slices of salmon and chicken breast, baby tomatoes, romaine, olives, boiled egg on the side) with blue cheese dressing, while my friend got the shrimp bowl (shrimp, baby tomatoes, kale, romaine, cucumbers, lemon, onions, red grapes). Who said clean eating can’t be delish?






They also sell cold-pressed juices, fruity yogurt bowls and veggie sticks. on the top floor, they sell macaroons, but personally… I wasn’t very impressed by the taste, so I wouldn’t really recommend it.


Next time you’re around sinsa in the garosugil area and you want a healthy bite, check this place out!

LOCATION: come out of sinsa exit #8, walk straight until you see tous les jour and turn left into the alleyway. inside the alleyway turn right and instead of going straight into the main garosugil road, go left and you will be on a long road. keep walking straight until you see a seven eleven, make a left and you’ll see the original pancake house. make another left from there and you’ll see a big red house and you’re there! (approx. 10 min walk)

STORE HOURS: 11am- 9pm, no holidays


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